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    Invest in mastering the technology 
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    How partner Planet Technologies stays ahead of the competition 
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    “Cloud-first” doesn’t have to mean “cloud only”  
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    The opportunities for partners in hybrid environments 
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    Extended Office 365 Migration Offer 
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    Migrate up to 500 seats of your business to Office 365 with Skykick 


    • Preventing epidemics

      Big data turns doctor notes into pandemic detection system


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      Find long-term success with managed services



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      Use this guide to learn about all the Microsoft Partner Network benefits and how to use them
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WPC returns to Toronto
In 2016, join us as the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference travels to Toronto, Canada. If you register right now, you get an all-access pass to our biggest partner event for a deeply discounted price. We’ll see you there.
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