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    Investing in developers 
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    How we're working to make turning IP into profit easier than ever 
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    Katso, kuinka voit hyödyntää etusi kolmen helpon vaiheen myötä. 
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    The cycle of innovation 
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    How partners and customers help us improve & grow  


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      Why the #1 downloaded app on Google is joining Office 365


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      See the new ModernBiz site & find pre-made marketing materials tailored to your customers needs


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      Seize the cloud opportunity while momentum is high

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Discover the conference where productivity empowers partnership and relive the excitement from our biggest partner event.
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  • "System integrators should focus on creating IP themselves and transform its business model to a recurring revenue model"
    - Microsoft Partner Dr Petri I. Salonen, TELLUS International, Inc.


WPC returns to Toronto
In 2016, join us as the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference travels to Toronto, Canada. If you register right now, you get an all-access pass to our biggest partner event for a deeply discounted price. We’ll see you there.
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