Get Genuine Windows Agreement for Small and Medium Organizations
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Get Genuine Windows Agreement

for Small and Medium Organizations

Help your small- and medium-business customers learn more about the Get Genuine Windows Agreement for Small and Medium Organizations (GGWA-SMO), which can help them correct improperly licensed or non-genuine Windows software on existing PCs in their organizations.

​Highlights of offer
  • Windows 8 Pro
Key points
  • Customer purchases qualifying license for Volume Licensing Upgrade and Software Assurance.
  • Downgrade rights are available.
  • GGWA-SMO can be purchased to legalize existing PCs in an organization through multiple orders. A new PC purchase that requires a Windows operating system shall be acquired with a pre-installed Windows OEM license.
Not transferable
Transfers are not allowed; any exceptions would be outlined in the program agreement.
Terms and conditions
  • Customer agrees to acquire only genuine Windows licenses in the future.
  • Minimum purchase quantity is five.
  • Software Assurance can be purchased within 90 days through Open, Open Value, Select, or Select Plus Volume Licensing programs.
  • Windows 8 Pro media is not included. Customer may purchase media from local reseller or use Volume Licensing media or Volume Licensing Kit.
Ordering instructions​ For partners in geographies whose price list is published in U.S. dollars:
  • GGWA-SMO is available through the standard Open License program for order and fulfillment processing.
  • Pricing is published on the Open License price lists and is available from distributors.
  • Resellers are encouraged to obtain a copy of the Get Genuine Addendum from their distributor, which they can present to and discuss with their customers.
  • GGWA-SMO solutions should not be ordered with other Open License products, because refunds and returns are not permitted.
  • Customers will receive an electronic license and are required to sign in to review the license and accept the GGWA-SMO terms and conditions.

For partners in geographies whose price list is not published in U.S. dollars:
  • The reseller obtains the GGWA-SMO contract, pricing, and SKU information from distributors.
  • Distributors download the contract from (Get Genuine Agreement under the Programs section.)
  • Reseller presents the GGWA-SMO and Open License Agreement to the customer for review.
  • After completing the customer information on the GGWA-SMO contract, the reseller submits this information to its distributor, who then passes the completed agreement to the Regional Operations Center (ROC) for processing.
  • After the GGWA-SMO is processed at the ROC, the agreement number is sent to the distributor and reseller.
  • The reseller can then submit orders using the appropriate SKU on the newly created customer agreement through current Microsoft ordering tools.
  • Customer receives electronic order confirmation.