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WPC videos

Vision Keynote videos will be posted for on-demand viewing 24 hours after the keynotes conclude:

Monday, July 13 Vision Keynote videos
Wednesday, July 15 Vision Keynote videos

Registered attendees can find session resources on Connect here. For viewers who did not register for WPC, these resources will be made available at the end of July.

New videos

  • WPC accelerates the pace of business
    Florian Schenk, Key Account Manager at IT Haus GmbH, tells us why partners have to take the opportunity to attend WPC.
  • Gavriella speaking about community engagement
    Gavriella speaking about community engagement.
  • Gavriella speaking about the Digital Stride, Modern Biz, and Partner stories campaigns
    Gavriella speaking about the campaign's of the Digital Stride, Modern Biz and Partner stories.


Channel Chief

  • Helping you achieve more profitability
    Worldwide Partner Group CVP Phil Sorgen, GM of Australia Pip Marlow and GM of Microsoft Partner Network Gavriella Schuster discuss the modern partner and market opportunity, how Microsoft supports partners, how we are helping partners drive success locally and what commitment we're making to partners to achieve more together.
  • WPC 2015 Welcome
    Worldwide Partner Group CVP Phil Sorgen welcomes partners back and sets the stage for the day, emphasizing how Microsoft invests in partners.
  • Welcome to WPC 2015
    Worldwide Partner Group CVP Phil Sorgen welcomes partners to the first day of the 2015 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in Orlando, FL.
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