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WPC videos

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Experience WPC virtually and hear directly from your partner peers, Microsoft leadership and the WPC team when you explore our video library.

Catch up on the Vision Keynotes from WPC 2015

Monday, July 13 Vision Keynote videos
Wednesday, July 15 Vision Keynote videos

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New Videos

  • Expanding networks and growing partnerships at WPC
    At heart, WPC is about bringing together the right people at the right time to create new business opportunities and growth for Microsoft partners. Hear partners and Microsoft employees share why WPC helps them grow their professional networks and be sure to register for the event in Toronto from July 10-14. Register today; https://partner.microsoft.com/WPC/registration/
  • Bring your team to WPC
    One of the best ways to get the most out of the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference is to attend as part of a team, so that each person can easily divide and conquer the myriad opportunities to grow your business that WPC offers. That’s why we offer a group discount for the event: US$200 off the 4th through the 10th All Access passes purchased by the same company. Get the full details and register today: https://partner.microsoft.com/wpc/registration
  • Insight made easy
    With a huge variety of topics and formats for sessions, WPC lets you learn the way you want to: ask questions of speaker panels, sit back and enjoy presentations, participate in hands-on workshops and demos, schedule formal meetings or join informal talks—all of it planned carefully to help get you the information and analysis you need to increase the profitability of your Microsoft business. It’s easy: just register to join us in Toronto for WPC 2016 to get all of this and more. Visit https://partner.microsoft.com/wpc/registration to register today.

WPC 2015

  • Learn about successful partners
    Learn what successful cloud partners know about building a profitable cloud business with Microsoft.
  • Successful case studies about partners around the world using cloud solutions
    Pip speaking on examples of successful case studies about partners around the world using cloud solutions
  • Attributes cloud companies have that make them successful
    Phil speaking about attributes cloud companies have that make them Successful.

Channel Chief

  • Helping you achieve more profitability
    Worldwide Partner Group CVP Phil Sorgen, GM of Australia Pip Marlow and GM of Microsoft Partner Network Gavriella Schuster discuss the modern partner and market opportunity, how Microsoft supports partners, how we are helping partners drive success locally and what commitment we're making to partners to achieve more together.
  • WPC 2015 Welcome
    Worldwide Partner Group CVP Phil Sorgen welcomes partners back and sets the stage for the day, emphasizing how Microsoft invests in partners.
  • Welcome to WPC 2015
    Worldwide Partner Group CVP Phil Sorgen welcomes partners to the first day of the 2015 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in Orlando, FL.
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