Collaboration and Content competency requirements overview
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Collaboration and Content competency

Compare silver competency and gold competency requirements

Silver competencies offer a clear path to help you showcase your skill set in today’s competitive environment.
Gold competencies demonstrate your best-in-class capability within a specific solution area and can provide the greatest differentiation for your company.
A portfolio of competencies—including silver and gold, and across solution areas—can result in greater cross-sell opportunities as you attain expertise on a wider range of products and emerging technologies. 
Requirements overview
Category Silver competency Gold competency
Credentials Two Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCPs) at your company must pass qualifying exams. Four unique MCPs at your company with credentials not assigned to any other gold competency must pass qualifying exams or hold a required certification.
Revenue Not applicable Agree to the revenue commitment.

One person must pass the licensing assessment.

One person must pass the sales assessment.

One person must pass the licensing assessment.

Two people must pass the sales assessment.

Customer evidence Provide three verifiable customer references.

Provide five verifiable customer references.

Participate in the Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Index.

Commitment Pay the silver competency fee. Pay the gold competency fee.