Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center
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Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center

The Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) is an online tool that makes it easy for you and your customers to manage Microsoft Volume Licensing agreements, download licensed products, and access volume license keys—all in one place.

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Microsoft is dedicated to helping you and your customers efficiently access and manage the software and services licenses you have acquired. Based on partner and customer feedback, Microsoft created a single portal to manage all Volume Licensing agreements and IDs, download product keys, and provide access to Microsoft Software Assurance for Volume Licensing benefits.

November 2011 update

As of November 16, 2011, your Microsoft Enterprise Agreement and Microsoft Enterprise Subscription Agreement customers can use the new VLSC License Reservation page—located under the Licenses tab in VLSC—to create, cancel, and manage entitlement adjustments. The VLSC license reservation transaction enables customers to create a subscription for eligible cloud products for which they have received a future price quote or for additional seats of products that they have already acquired, while deferring ordering and payment until their true-up or annual order. In addition, you and your customers can place a license reservation request to migrate from on-premises assets to the cloud, without a purchase order. Learn more about the VLSC License Reservation page.

Important reminder about the valid business email address

A Windows Live ID and a valid business email address are required for registration and access to licensing information. This requirement makes tracking and managing multiple agreement numbers easier. The business email must be the same as the one provided when the agreement was signed. If a customer does not have a Windows Live ID, you should guide your customer to the appropriate “What Is a Windows Live ID?” tutorial.

To report a problem or to change customer contact information:

  • Open License customers and resellers may contact the Microsoft VLSC Support Center.
  • If you are a Microsoft large account reseller (LAR) or an authorized distributor (disti), you should continue to use the Call Logging Tool (CLT) on to report Open License customer issues, or contact your Regional Operations Center (ROC) if you or your customer is not able to resolve issues by using self-help resources.

You can direct customers to the VLSC page on the customer Volume Licensing website for easy access to VLSC videos, frequently asked questions, and an overview of benefits.

If you experience issues with your VLSC account, visit the VLSC support page.

VLSC training

Contact your Regional Service Center for more information.

How your customers can benefit from VLSC

The VLSC licensing dashboard includes a notification area for site alerts, a Volume Licensing news and announcements section, and links to key tasks. VLSC offers key benefits for licensed software management:

  • Licensing information is made up of the licensing summary and the relationship summary. The licensing summary enables your customers to view current and past Microsoft License Statements across programs and agreements—all in a simple format. The relationship summary shows all Volume Licensing agreements associated to a user’s profile. You can also view further details about offerings, contacts, licenses, and purchase orders. The relationship summary provides a consolidated summary of all Volume Licensing IDs associated with the user’s Windows Live ID when accessing VLSC.
  • Accelerated download speeds and a simple, secure user interface make it easier and safer for your customers to use VLSC to find the right product, based on their licensing entitlements.
  • VLSC makes it easy for your customers to request product keys for the Windows desktop operating system, enables retrieval of volume license keys for all Microsoft licensed products, and provides access to technical support.
  • You can view the Microsoft Software Assurance for Volume Licensing benefits available across all agreements associated to a user’s profile. The Software Assurance Benefits Summary includes the total eligible quantity of benefits across all agreements, benefits that have not yet been used, and benefits that have not yet been activated.
  • Access details and management tools for subscriptions, including MSDN subscriptions.
  • Access information about the VLSC site, an FAQ, and contact details for the Support Center.

VLSC is available in Bulgarian, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French (Canadian), French (European), German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Slovak, Spanish (European), Spanish (Latin American), Swedish, and Turkish.

Microsoft encourages you to talk with your customers about VLSC. In addition to helping your customers save time, VLSC can help you focus less on handling customer-support issues and more on growing your business.