Software Asset Management
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  • Software Asset Management

    Software Asset Management (SAM) is an industry best practice that incorporates a set of proven processes for managing and optimizing an organization’s IT assets. Implementing a SAM solution for customers provides a system for the effective management, control, and protection of the software assets within a company, throughout all stages of the product life cycle, keeping customers compliant with their Volume Licensing agreements.
    Microsoft SAM engagement kits enable partners to provide customers with data-driven facts and information around key technology events or challenges to help customers make informed technology decisions. These targeted engagements are designed to enable SAM partners to deliver value in the cloud, by device, or with security, helping customers establish critical SAM policies and procedures to manage their assets in support of strategic organizational goals and objectives.

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    SAM Incentives
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    The SAM Services Incentive program is a worldwide channel incentive program designed to help partners that have achieved the gold SAM competency build sustainable businesses around SAM, by utilizing SAM customer engagements based on a defined scope of work. By participating in the SAM Services Incentive Program, you can introduce customers to SAM best practices—and uncover additional licensing and service-related opportunities that can lead to new sales, consulting, process improvement, and deployment services.

    Program eligibility and requirements:

    • Achieve the gold SAM competency
    • Be a Microsoft managed partner with an active Partner Target Plan. Contact your Microsoft field representative for more information

    SAM Services Incentive program overview presentation


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    Baseline Review
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    Evaluate your customers’ software license statuses

    A Software Asset Management (SAM) Baseline Review engagement involves creating an inventory of deployed Microsoft assets; reviewing corresponding customer license entitlements and virtual, hosted, or cloud-based solutions, a full SAM Optimization Model review; and identifying opportunities for improvement. Through this engagement, partners can provide suggestions for license optimization, as well as help to analyze how customers can capitalize on new computing trends to their maximum benefit.

    Baseline Review presentation

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    Deployment Planning engagement
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    Help your customers achieve their desired software state

    The Software Asset Management (SAM) Deployment Planning engagement provides planning resources to support key SAM areas, including deployment, metering, inventory, and control through a proof of concept using Microsoft System Center, Microsoft Intune™ software and services, or the Microsoft Assessment and Planning (MAP) Toolkit.

    SAM Deployment Planning also provides support for customer adoption of ISO/IEC 19770-2:2009 Software Identification (SWID) Tags.
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    Cloud-ready engagement
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    Help your customers plan and migrate to the cloud

    The Cloud-ready Software Asset Management (SAM) Engagement is designed for our SAM Partners to engage with new or existing customers who are considering moving part or all of their infrastructure to a cloud environment. Whether the customer is considering software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), or infrastructure as a service (IaaS), a Cloud-ready SAM engagement should be conducted as a prerequisite to making an informed move from on-premises to cloud solutions.

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    SQL Workloads engagement
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    Help your customers optimize their SQL environment

    The SQL Workloads Software Asset Management (SAM) Engagement provides guidance and resources to help customers optimize their SQL environment while reducing cost, complexity, and compliance risks. Use this engagement to assess current SQL deployments and determine optimal usage – be it on premises or in the cloud.

    SQL Workloads engagement video – coming soon


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    Cybersecurity engagement
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    Help your customers identify areas of potential risk and improve their cybersecurity programs

    The focus of a cybersecurity engagement is to provide customers with a view of what software is deployed to identify, at a high-level, areas of potential risk, and provide guidance on their cybersecurity programs and policies to help enable effective IT software asset management. The engagement provides a full inventory for the customer to use as the foundation for a more in-depth organizational security assessment.

    Cybersecurity presentation

    Cybersecurity engagement video – coming soon


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    Virtualization engagement
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    Help your customers optimize licensing and uncover additional opportunities for virtual environments

    The Virtualization Software Asset Management engagement provides an opportunity for SAM partners to work with new or existing customers on a strategic virtualization strategy. Through this engagement, SAM partners assess existing virtual environments and identify opportunities for further virtualization, along with the policies and requirements for licensing management, including both server and desktop virtualization environments.




















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