Microsoft Enrollment for Education Solutions
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Microsoft Enrollment for Education Solutions

Microsoft Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES) provides a greater opportunity for you to increase revenue and enhance your customer relationships. With EES, you can offer academic customers an easy, cost-effective way to acquire Microsoft software and services through a single subscription agreement.

Products included

The following desktop platforms and Microsoft Office 365 online service plans are available through EES:

  • Education Desktop with Core CAL
  • Education Desktop with Enterprise CAL
  • Office 365 Education Plan A2
  • Office 365 Education Plan A3
  • Office 365 Education Plan A4 (Microsoft Campus and School Agreement [CASA] and EES through licensing solution providers [LSPs] only)

Many additional products are available to license through ESS. Download the most recent Microsoft Product List for Volume Licensing to see the current versions and editions of each product. 

Program details

 EES is for qualified new and current academic institutions that need five or more licenses. To learn whether an academic institution is eligible, review the Qualified Education User Definition. Key features include:

  • Academic customers with as few as five full-time equivalent (FTE) employees can acquire desktop platform licenses through a Microsoft authorized education reseller (AER) by electronically signing the Microsoft Open Value Subscription for Education Solutions agreement using Microsoft eAgreements.
  • Academic customers with 1,000 or more FTE employees can acquire desktop platform licenses through an LSP, by signing the CASA and the EES.
  • Yearly count of FTE employees ensures that all desktop products licensed institution-wide are assured coverage with one annual count of employees, regardless of yearly fluctuations.
  • Customers can easily add non-platform products—either institution-wide, department-wide, or for individual FTEs—at any time during the subscription term to deliver the right mix of technology and services to faculty, staff, and students, to help them achieve their education and learning goals.
  • No-cost* access to Office 365 Plan A2 and the ability to subscribe to additional Microsoft Online Services through EES, which provides the flexibility to move users between on-premises software and cloud services, match and adjust online service plans to meet users’ needs, and add and adjust Online Services as needed so customers can make the transition to the cloud at their own pace.
  • Subscription licensing eliminates the need to track licenses for the selected desktop platform products on every desktop PC. This feature enables your customers’ IT staff to be more productive, because they no longer have to track multiple licenses across the institution.
  • Your customers can reduce their total cost of ownership (TCO) for their licensing investment and take advantage of additional benefits, such as access to current technology, Work at Home (WAH) rights for faculty and staff, student licensing options, product evaluation rights, Microsoft Software Assurance for Volume Licensing, and Microsoft Office 365 Education Plan A2.
  • Student Advantage Benefit: When customers license Office 365 ProPlus or Office Professional Plus organization-wide for all of their faculty and staff employees, they qualify for no-cost* Office 365 ProPlus subscription licenses for students through the EES Student Option.
  • Simplified asset management is delivered through self-service tools, such as the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC), so customers can easily track and manage software assets and Software Assurance benefits from one convenient, online location.

Note that Microsoft School Enrollment remains available to primary and secondary schools.

Your opportunity

With EES, you have the opportunity to earn new revenue and enhance your customer relationships. EES can help you:

  • Improve academic customer perception of licensing simplicity and enhance satisfaction by offering a program with features like FTE-based license counting instead of device-based counting, the flexibility to add non-platform products in any quantity as needed, and the ability to license cloud services for any quantity of users under a single enrollment.
  • Streamline your sales cycle and close deals more quickly by delivering a single enrollment for all Microsoft products, which eliminates the need to manage multiple programs designed for schools compared to universities.
  • Broaden your service offerings, boost operating margins, drive ongoing management business, and reinforce your trusted advisor role with Office 365 academic plans.
  • Use the predictable renewal cycle to solidify your role as a trusted advisor by regularly engaging with academic customers to understand their environments and how they use technology, so you can offer the right solutions to meet their needs.
  • Increase your student licensing revenue and help your customers realize the benefits of digital fulfillment with no-cost Electronic Software Download (ESD), a new benefit of Student Option.

Readiness resources

Download EES documents and information from the website. Use these resources to learn more about EES.

Sales resources

Use customizable sales resources to help position the Microsoft Core Client Access License (CAL) Suite and Microsoft Enterprise CAL (ECAL) Suite as the key EES component to your education customers.