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WPC tracks tailored to your business
Our tracks are designed with your business in mind, based on how you Innovate and Engage with your customers, and Transform your business for the future. We have created fewer, more targeted sessions, enabling you to more easily find the content that will help you identify new opportunities and drive your profitability.
All businesses need a well-defined vision for what they will deliver and to whom and how they will compete in the market.

Learn how your Microsoft partnership can play a part in your company’s success today and vision for the future.

Explore Innovate sessions
Finding and landing the right customers with the right solutions is at the core of business success, as is your ability to deliver solutions that support your customers’ business needs.

Learn how to land the right customers with the right solutions to ensure success through deployment, service and support in order to drive consumption.

Explore Engage sessions
For long-term health, your business needs to react to a changing marketplace by constantly evaluating what is working and what needs to change.

Learn how to evaluate your business opportunities and determine the right path for continuous growth and improvement.

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People, process and performance are the foundation of leading a successful enterprise.

Hear the latest thought leadership and learn strategies and best practices for leading a healthy and profitable organization.

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