Technical presales and deployment services
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  • Technical presales and deployment services

      • Win more deals, accelerate deployment, and increase consumption of Microsoft solutions throughout every stage of your customer relationships by leveraging technical training and personalized assistance to transform your business – available through your Microsoft Partner Network core benefits.

        Technical Presales Assistance and Advisory Services are offered in the cloud, for hybrid scenarios, and for limited on-premises only solutions, including Windows 10, Windows Server, Microsoft Dynamics AX, and Microsoft SQL Server.

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    Boost your transition to the cloud with no-cost
    technical training when you attend between October and December 31, 2015!

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  • Technical training

    Whether you are getting started with a new technology, are new to your role, or need to delve deeper into customer scenarios, you can build your technical presales and deployment skill set by attending technical training, such as Practice Accelerators, Solution Accelerators, Partner Practice Enablement, Ask the Experts, and Initial Journey.

    Register today! Find technical training to help build your presales and deployment capabilities for:

    Access technical training by utilizing your partner advisory hours. Some training is available at no charge.

  • Technical Presales Assistance

    Gain a competitive advantage to win more deals through technical presales support. Request technical consultation and customized guidance throughout the presales process to help you position Microsoft solutions, overcome customer objections, demonstrate the value of solutions, and present solutions to your prospective customers.

    Examples of technical presales assistance include:

    • Proof-of-concept guidance
    • Business value proposition
    • Competitive assistance
    • Feature overview and comparison guidance
    • Request for proposal (RFP) questions
    • Technical licensing recommendations

    Submit an Advisory request to help you win more deals. For requests outside of the qualified Technical Presales Assistance core benefit, a partner technical consultant will assess your need and scope the number of partner advisory hours required.

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    Learn how to qualify for Technical Presales Assistance

  • Advisory Services

    Develop better solutions, accelerate deployment, and increase consumption with personalized technical assistance during the design, development, and deployment phases of your projects. Technical guidance will expand your team’s capabilities, make your team more efficient, and help you apply best practices as you build and deploy Microsoft products and solutions.

    Examples of advisory services to accelerate deployment and increase consumption include:

    • Design and implementation guidance
    • Code review and test environment review
    • Solution integration assistance
    • Migration and deployment planning
    • Scenario guidance and solution architecture
    • Get Current internal deployment services


    Submit an Advisory request to help you accelerate deployment and increase consumption. A partner technical consultant will assess your need and scope the number of partner advisory hours required.

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  • Partner advisory hours

    Partner advisory hours are the currency used to access certain technical presales and deployment services offered to Microsoft Partner Network members. Use your hours to help build your skill set with technical training, and get customized guidance for competing, developing, and deploying solutions for your customers.

    Learn how to qualify for partner advisory hours
    Not sure how many hours you have? View your available partner advisory hours.
    Need more hours? Purchase additional partner advisory hours.

  • Partner testimonials

    “Our customers had challenges we couldn’t help them with. After [attending] Practice Accelerator [technical training], we are no longer faced with this situation, saving us time and improving customer satisfaction.” —Soon Man Kwon, senior technical consultant, TechData.

    After engaging with the Practice Accelerator training, the partner experienced:

    • 50 percent increase in the number of projects
    • 40 percent reduction of project delivery time
    • 30 percent reduction in practice deployment costs

    “Just supporting this one deal, Technical Presales Assistance provided by [Technical Services] saved several days of labor costs. The timing and the quality of information we got was influential in the client’s decision-making.” —Mark Burton, solution director, CSC

    “Working with [Technical Services] has been a good exercise and experience. It helped us achieve a better response time and deliver high-quality and impactful solutions for our customers.” —Gaston Zelerteins, vice president, Perception Group

    As we continue to invest in cloud support, we will begin to reduce coverage of some products which are exclusively on-premises. As of October 1, 2015, we will no longer provide Advisory Services support for exclusively on-premises products, with the following exceptions: Windows 10, Windows Server, Microsoft Dynamics AX, and Microsoft SQL Server. All hybrid scenarios made up of both cloud and on-premises products will continue to be supported. Learn more by reviewing the policy change frequently asked questions.

    Policy change frequently asked questions