MEC Demo
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MEC Demo

MEC Demo is a fast, easy-to-learn, and effective sales tool that you can share with your customers. Through a series of short day-in-the-life demo scripts, you can show your customers the power of what the Microsoft platform, specifically Office 365, can deliver for their business.

Designed to be delivered using a Windows 8 laptop and/or slate device, MEC Demo uses an Office 365 E3 Trial tenant that is provisioned with all the persona, content, and scenarios needed to deliver impactful demos to your customers in 30 minutes or less that resonate with their business opportunities and everyday challenges.

Why MEC Demo?

MEC Demo takes the same winning storyline, content, and scenario-based approach as the in-person MEC experience and scales that platform value message to locations and form factors (including one-to-many events and face-to-face demos) that were not previously possible.

For qualified MEC facilitators, MEC Demo is also a means to drive customer demand to attending an in-person MEC session, or even a follow-up to that powerful experience.

How to engage

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