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Customer Talk workbooks


A large number of small and midsize businesses (SMB) are using older technology, representing a significant revenue opportunity for your business. Request and use your U.S. SMB Customer Talk workbook* to identify your customers who are using older versions of Microsoft software, and then equip your business with sales and marketing resources to have compelling upsell conversations with them.

After you have your workbook, use the information and resources below to maximize your Campaign Talk participation.

Opportunity spotlight: Microsoft Office

Now you can offer Microsoft Office 365 Midsize Business through Volume Licensing with an Open license, or offer Office 365 Small Business Premium as a full-packaged product (FPP). Upgrade customers using older versions of Office to the latest software. The new Office offers great business value and enhanced productivity for your customers with features like PDF Reflow, Flash Fill, and enhanced data analysis tools in Excel. Office simplifies teamwork, provides easy file sharing, and real-time communications which can enable you to close more deals.

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Microsoft Office and Microsoft Office 365

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Windows Server 

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Microsoft Exchange

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Microsoft SQL Server

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*The workbook contains Microsoft Confidential Information, and is intended for internal use only by you as a Microsoft partner. Workbooks may not be available to all partners.