Microsoft Experience Center
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MEC: Microsoft Experience Center


The Microsoft Experience Center (MEC) is a sales and marketing program providing business professionals a chance to have hands-on, real-world experience with the Microsoft platform. Orchestrated through a series of day-in-the-life scenarios, MECs can help customers experience what is possible with Microsoft.

MEC is the US subsidiary version of the worldwide Customer Immersion Experience (CIE) program, but with expanded scope and offerings. The US MEC program is a tremendous opportunity for you to actively participate in and profit from one or more of its delivery options.

MEC partner community

The MEC partner community is a group of nominated, trained, and qualified Microsoft partners who deliver in-person MEC sessions on their own or in partnership will local Microsoft field offices. The in-person MEC session is the most powerful and impactful experience across the MEC program.

If you are interested in joining the community and delivering MEC sessions, learn more about the qualifications.

MEC Demo

MEC Demo is an offering in the MEC program that is available to all MPN members and can help you generate new business or accelerate existing business. Powered by Microsoft Office 365, MEC Demo provides the same rich day-in-the-life experience of a fully-facilitated MEC session, but through a single Windows laptop and companion device in the format of shorter, individualized demos.

It’s ideal for mobile situations, one-to-one discussions, or a one-to-many presentation. MEC Demo does not require any formal qualification or training for interested partners. It’s easy to learn and deliver the value proposition of the Microsoft platform. Learn more about MEC Demo.