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US VAR Incentive Program

Earn up to 22 percent in partner incentives​

The US VAR Incentive Program allows you to earn up to 22 percent in incentives when you sell annuity agreements, specifically Microsoft Open Value, both new (license & Software Assurance [L&SA]) and renewal (Software Assurance only) (Microsoft Open Value and Open License for Office 365 Open). The VAR Incentive is designed to provide maximum payout when you help your customers recognize the benefits of emerging Microsoft products and technologies, including virtualization, security, and unified communications. Register to participate in this program to increase your earnings across Microsoft products.
Incentives are also available to partners enrolled in the US SMB Champions Club Program. Incentives will vary based on program Tier.
The VAR Incentive Program runs January 1 through June 30, 2014. To participate in the program, you must sign up before the program ends.
  1. Complete the registration form on the OneView site (available February 1, 2014).
  2. Download the terms and conditions. For access, you must sign in with your Microsoft account.