Microsoft Action Pack frequently asked questions
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  • Microsoft Action Pack frequently asked questions


  • Resource centers
    There are six resource centers in the new Action Pack program. Do I need to choose only one for my subscription?

    You can explore one, many, or all of them. Select the resource center that matches your business model or the one you are most interested in to start. Each resource center features content, resources, and benefits based on partner core lines of business:

    • Application design and development
    • Device design and development
    • Hosting
    • Managed services
    • Professional services
    • Reselling
    How are the benefits different for each resource renter?

    There is a standard set of core benefits all Action Pack partners receive, regardless of the resource center you select and your current business type.

    If you have questions that have not been addressed here, refer to the Partner Support Community page, or contact your local Regional Service Center.

    Partner Support Community page

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  • Subscribe
    How do I subscribe to the new Action Pack program?

    You can enroll by using the Subscribe tool or through the Action Pack home page:

    • If your company is not a current member of the Microsoft Partner Network, you will be prompted to register. After registration, you will be directed back to the Action Pack home page to “subscribe” to start the purchasing process.
    • During the purchase process, your company will be validated through Dun and Bradstreet (D&B). D&B verifies the company based on its name, address, website URL, and phone number.
    • Active Microsoft partners who are not validated by D&B automatically will be prompted to take the Microsoft Action Pack overview training and technical assessment. A 70 percent success rate transfers you to an order processing page to start the purchase process.


    Action Pack Subscribe page

    I am currently a Microsoft Partner Network partner and I have completed the required assessment for the Action Pack Development Design or Action Pack Solution Provider subscription, but I have not yet initiated my order. Will there be any further requirements?

    Yes. You will need to complete the assessment for the new Action Pack program.

    I am currently a subscriber to Cloud Essentials, Microsoft BizSpark, or Microsoft DreamSpark. If I decide to make the transition to the new Action Pack, do I need to meet the program requirements and pay a fee?

    Yes. You will need to meet the Action Pack eligibility requirements and pay the subscription fee. Your access to Cloud Essentials, BizSpark, or DreamSpark benefits will remain through the duration of your paid subscription. If you have an active TechNet subscription, it will be discontinued.

    If I am already an Action Pack partner, how will my company be migrated to the new program?

    Current Action Pack partners will receive email and phone notifications. Partners can proactively go the Action Pack portal to make the transition at any time.

    I am currently an Action Pack subscriber, but my organization is outside its renewal period. When it comes time to renew my subscription, can I enroll into the same subscription?

    When you renew on the Subscribe page, you will be presented the appropriate controls to enroll in the new Action Pack program. The Action Pack Solution Provider and Action Pack Development and Design subscriptions are no longer available.

    Action Pack Subscribe page

    Will Microsoft Online Services Partner Agreement (MOSPA) be available for partners that are not Action Pack subscribers?

    Yes. MOSPA applies to all online services licensed to Microsoft partners.

    If you have questions that have not been addressed here, refer to the Partner Support Community page, or contact your local Regional Service Center.

    Partner Support Community page

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  • Benefits
    What are the benefits of the new Action Pack subscription?

    Action Pack provides you:

    • IUR software benefits, including both on-premises and cloud products and services.
    • Technical support, with access to telephone support for presales, technical, and deployment issues related to Microsoft cloud services.
    • Training guidance, such as learning paths with a curriculum of more than 2,000 training courses about selling, configuring, and implementing Microsoft products and services.
    • Visual Studio development tools, including Visual Studio Express.
    • Bing credits, US$600 Bing Ads credit (US$100 for partners, US$500 for their customers) to market products, services, and solutions.
    • Campaigns, through access to Partner Marketing Center materials for Microsoft products and services.
    Specifically, what internal-use rights (IUR) seats am I entitled to for Microsoft Office and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online?

    As an Action Pack subscriber, you are entitled to the following:

    • Microsoft Office—either five seats Office on-premises and five Microsoft Office 365, or 10 seats Office on-premises. You can earn more seats of Office 365 after an additional cloud sale.
    • Microsoft Dynamics CRM—no Microsoft Dynamics CRM licenses are granted at the subscription point. These licenses are granted after you close one Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online deal.
    With the first cloud sale (Windows Intune, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, Microsoft Office 365, or Microsoft Azure) Action Pack partners earn five advisory hours. Are the five advisory hours earned once or incrementally per sale? Can the five advisory hours be earned at the second year of renewal as well?

    Action Pack partners will earn the five advisory hours once during the subscription enrollment year, not for each deal. Unused advisory hours cannot be transferred to a new subscription year. In the consecutive subscription year, you can earn new advisory hours by closing a new cloud deal during that year.

    I currently have an MSDN subscription. Is the Action Pack subscription more comprehensive than MSDN?

    MSDN subscription benefits are available through Action Pack. Included are three instances of MSDN (licensed per user for development and testing), which include the latest versions of Microsoft Visual Studio Professional, Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise, Windows Pro, and Windows Server Enterprise. Upon your annual renewal of Action Pack, you will need to meet the reenrollment requirements in order to maintain access to Visual Studio Professional. Please refer to the Action Pack Program Guide for details.

    If you have questions that have not been addressed here, refer to the Action Pack Program Guide, Partner Support Community page, or contact your local Regional Service Center.

    Action Pack Program Guide

    Partner Support Community page

    Regional Service Center