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Microsoft Partner Apprenticeship Program

The Microsoft Partner Apprenticeship Program supports the UK Government in creating more jobs and qualified individuals within the ICT sector.

Learn how your business can benefit from high-caliber, subsidized young people on a professionally recognized training course which has been designed for and developed by Microsoft Partners.

“Taking part in this scheme certainly brings new talent into our field which offers us the opportunity to nurture and encourage individuals to achieve their goals, therefore helping SIPCOM to move forward in a fast growing industry.” Daniel Allen, SIPCOM CEO

“I cannot emphasize how valuable apprentices are to Optimity which is why I think any Microsoft Partner should look into getting apprentices on-board.” Anthony Impey, Optimity CEO

The Microsoft Partner Apprenticeship is a core strand of Microsoft UK’s Youth Initiative Get on; Microsoft's program to help 300,000 young people get inspired, get skilled and get a job. The Microsoft Partner Apprenticeship is designed for and developed by Microsoft Partners to help bring new talent into the industry. Comprising Advanced and Higher Apprenticeship versions the programme covers 5 areas: Desktop Support, Database Support, Server Support, Developer and Technical Sales; and is delivered by 4 core learning partners: QA, Firebrand, Baltic Training and Remit IT Academy. The programme is fully supported by National Apprenticeship Service, Skills Funding Agency and awarding bodies such as City & Guilds.

Our partnerships with charities, educational institutions and local governments enable Get On to reach out to people from all walks of life and through the Microsoft Partner Apprenticeship Program these individuals can support the growth and development of our partners' businesses. For information exclusively on the Scottish Apprenticeship Program please click here.

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Case studies

The case studies below have been developed in collaboration with Microsoft Partner employers and apprentices to allow a broad perspective on the program and its success.

  • Apprenticeship: a pool for Microsoft qualified employees
    Auratek ltd have over 26 years’ experience helping SME’s with the support and maintenance of Computer Systems. Daniel Eales, CEO of Auratek views the Programme as a pool for Microsoft qualified employees and the company is now proactive in working with young people who can be moulded to its practices and processes.
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  • A recruitment tool for SoftwareONE
    SoftwareONE is a global Microsoft Partner with Gold competencies located in over 80 countries. To support its ambitious growth plans in the UK, SoftwareONE uses the Microsoft Partner Apprenticeship Programme as a source of new employees for sales, licensing and technical specialist roles based in the United Kingdom.
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  • Driving competitive advantage through apprentices
    Optimity is a Microsoft Partner specializing in a new technology called Wibre. Anthony Impey, CEO of Optimity believes that apprenticeships are a crucial part of the organization's competitive advantage. Read on to get Anthony's view on how the company has benefitted from the Apprenticeship Program.
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  • Delta Financial Systems shares its apprentice success
    Within the last few years Delta has grown rapidly and quadrupled in size. The growth of the company was the initial reason for taking on its first apprentices in the summer of 2011. Michael Power CEO of Delta understands that taking on an apprentice might seem daunting and therefore shares his experiences.
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  • Cloud9 Apprentice David Wins Apprentice of the Year Award
    Cloud 9 Insight (Cloud9) is a Crawley-based company with a passion for helping customers make the most of their IT investments. In March 2010 Cloud9 took on its first apprentice David Robertson as a technical support consultant. David has recently won the Apprentice of the Year Award. Congratulations to David and Cloud9 Insight!
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  • Microsoft Partner SIPCOM takes on its first apprentice
    SIPCOM is one of Microsoft’s Hosted Services Partners. As a newly established company fighting in a robust industry, SIPCOM believes everyone deserves a chance whether it’s a first or a second chance. Taking on an apprentice not only suited SIPCOM’s increasing pattern of growth but has also allowed the company to strengthen its partnership with Microsoft.
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  • Microsoft/QA apprenticeship video
    Watch the video to find out more about the Microsoft Technical Support Apprenticeship delivered by QA.
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  • Desktop Support
    Inframon are one of many Microsoft Partners that run the Microsoft Partner Apprenticeship program. In addition to taking apprentices from the Desktop Support version, they have helped us develop the Server Support Version. Click through to find out more about the benefits they have experienced from the program.
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  • Database Support
    ConsultCRM took on an apprentice from the Desktop Support system, read the case study below to see how this benefited them.
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