Logo Guidance
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Logo guidance

It's important that Microsoft and our Partners go to market communicating the correct expertise to their customers, particularly with their competency logos as part of the Microsoft Partner Network. Every day we come across Partners who are using out of date or incorrect logos. Below you will find all the information you need to know to ensure you are displaying the correct ones on your web site, in your e-mail signatures and on your marketing collateral.

What logos should I be using?

All the logos above are out of date, please do not use them. The logos below are correct and can be customized with the competencies you hold and ordered through Logo Builder. They are the only competency logos we now permit on partner web sites, documents and e-mail signatures.

These logos are available as either black writing on a white background or white writing on a black background. The competencies can also be listed in any order you wish. However, please note, this logo cannot be displayed without at least one competency earned by the partner and only by partners with an active MPN membership.

Logo eligibility

  • Silver and Gold competency partners have access to Microsoft logos
  • Cloud Accelerate partners have access to Microsoft logos
  • SBSC partners have access to Microsoft logos (until June 30 2013)
  • Network members and MAPS subscribers do not have access to Microsoft logos, however, if you have a Pinpoint profile you can show a 'We're on Pinpoint!' banner linked to your Pinpoint profile