OEM Reseller Licensing
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OEM reseller licensing


OEM resellers and system builders build trust and satisfaction with customers by providing genuine Microsoft software. Distinguish your business by supplying PCs with legal software—and help your customers reduce costly support calls and technical problems that may result from using counterfeit software.

​Take a closer look at OEM licensing

The right to distribute OEM system builder software as a Microsoft partner is governed by the OEM system builder license affixed to the side of the OEM System Builder pack. By opening the pack, you agree to the terms and conditions of this license, which covers topics such as how the software can be distributed, how it must be supported, and placement of the Certificate of Authenticity (COA) labels. OEM System Builder packs are available from Microsoft authorized distributors. See a list of authorized OEM distributors in your country.

Identify authentic Windows software

A COA identifies genuine Windows software. Without it, your customers will not have a legal license to run their Windows software.

Find out which COA labels are current

Protect customers from anti-piracy

Sometimes customers don’t realize they are running non-genuine Microsoft software. You can help them legalize counterfeit or unlicensed software.

Learn how to protect your customers