Microsoft Software Assurance for Volume Licensing
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Microsoft Software Assurance for Volume Licensing

By incorporating Microsoft Software Assurance for Volume Licensing into your licensing solutions and delivery practices, you can build stronger customer relationships and develop new business opportunities.

Software Assurance overview

Software Assurance for Volume Licensing is included with some Volume Licensing programs and optional to purchase for others. With Software Assurance, you can demonstrate your value to your customers by helping them get maximum value from their Microsoft software investments. Teach them about the broad range of benefits that are available to them through Software Assurance, such as new product version rights, training, deployment planning, and support.

Partner opportunities

Build stronger relationships

Software Assurance provides a unique opportunity for you to connect with your customers throughout their license agreement period. Early on, you can work with your customers to help them plan their benefits use. Then, over the course of the agreement period, you can continue to build loyalty and trust by checking in with your customers to encourage them to use all of their Software Assurance benefits to deploy the latest Microsoft software to maximize productivity. And because customers that actively use multiple benefits are more engaged, more likely to renew, and more likely to do so on time, your organization will be uniquely positioned to develop deeper engagement opportunities that can drive additional revenue.

Increase services revenue

Planning services and training are high-value benefits for Software Assurance customers—and revenue-generating opportunities for you. Microsoft pays qualified partners to provide these services, so you can expand your business by incorporating them into your offerings. Deliver Software Assurance Planning Services to help customers plan a successful deployment and use the latest software. Or if you are a Learning competency partner, get paid to deliver no-cost Software Assurance technical and user training.

Customer benefits

Many Software Assurance benefits are available to customers to help them prepare, deploy, and use the latest software or service. These benefits are allotted based on the license agreement type, the products purchased, and the volume of licenses acquired. The Software Assurance benefits chart helps explain which benefits are available through each Volume Licensing program. Get to know the key benefits, and how they relate to your particular practice and can drive overall customer satisfaction.

Some key benefits include:

Learn more about the benefits related to the products you license:

Software Assurance and the cloud

Use Software Assurance to help your customers migrate to the cloud. While Software Assurance is offered for on-premises software, there are also several benefits, such as specific Planning Services engagements and training offerings, to help support your customers’ migration to Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure.