Windows Embedded
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Windows Embedded


Develop and deploy device solutions
Windows Embedded helps your business implement intelligent systems solutions and earn the following Microsoft Partner Network competencies:



What you need to know

By earning the Intelligent Systems competency, you will empower your organization to address the expanding global market opportunities represented by the Internet of Things through intelligent systems solutions, which capture and analyze machine generated data, helping customers realize increased operational intelligence.

Why Windows Embedded?

Create smarter solutions with industry devices powered by Windows Embedded that provide the same rich, familiar experience of the Windows operating system to line-of-business scenarios. Windows Embedded can help you transform business intelligence into operational intelligence by enabling you to identify and act on opportunities that would otherwise be out of reach. Capitalizing on data gathered from industry devices can also expand your potential for developing and delivering device solutions for your customers.


Microsoft Volume Licensing offerings are now available for Windows Embedded 8.1 products. Use the following licensing resources to help your customers find the best Windows Embedded 8.1 licensing options to suit their business needs.

Windows Embedded 8.1 partner licensing resource kit

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