Software Asset Management opportunity overview
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Software Asset Management opportunity overview

Get the inside edge

Software Asset Management (SAM) provides a system for the effective management, control, and protection of the software assets within a company, throughout all stages of the product life cycle. By accurately tracking software assets, companies improve their knowledge of and control over their IT infrastructures.

Why SAM services?

Offering SAM services can be a great revenue opportunity for your business because:

  • It involves more than one review. SAM is a long-term strategy, one that you can leverage to help deepen your customer relationships.
  • You can demonstrate higher value to your customers by helping them save money, manage changes in technology, increase competitiveness, and reduce legal and financial risks.
  • You can develop new engagements with your customers around product support and upgrades, integration technologies, product deployment, and architecture design consulting.

Earn the SAM competency

By qualifying for the SAM competency, your company can position itself to take advantage of a growing demand for SAM solutions. Your company can establish long-lasting relationships and strengthen customer loyalty.