Licensing price lists
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Licensing price lists

Find out how to access pricing information for Microsoft products and solutions. Note: Price lists are not available in some locations because of local regulations.

Microsoft authorized distributor

Price lists and access to the sites that contain them are available only to resellers who acquire licenses directly from Microsoft. All other Microsoft resellers must request pricing information from their Microsoft authorized distributor (disti).

Microsoft Worldwide Operations Portal

Microsoft authorized distributors and resellers who acquire licenses directly from Microsoft can access their unified price lists (UPLs) through the Microsoft Worldwide Operations Portal for the following Microsoft license types:

  • Full-packaged product (FPP)
  • OEM
  • Microsoft Volume Licensing (Microsoft Open License, Microsoft Open Value, and Microsoft Open Value Subscription only)

For security reasons, access to the Microsoft Worldwide Operations Portal is by invitation only. You must contact your portal administrator to obtain an account. To gain access to the portal, you must provide your name, email address, phone number, and company SAP number or numbers to the administrator. The administrator will use this information to add you as a user. After the administrator has created a new-user account for you, you will receive an email message with instructions to initialize your account and begin to use the Microsoft Worldwide Operations Portal.

Contact your Microsoft Partner Account Manager or Regional Operations Center for additional help with pricing information.

The website

Microsoft authorized distributors and resellers who acquire licenses directly from Microsoft can access price lists through the website for Microsoft Online Services and the following Microsoft Volume Licensing programs:

  • Microsoft Enterprise Agreement
  • Microsoft Enterprise Subscription Agreement
  • Microsoft Independent Software Vendor Royalty (ISVR) Licensing Program
  • Microsoft Open Value
  • Microsoft Open Value Subscription
  • Microsoft Select Plus
  • Microsoft Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA)

If you are a Microsoft authorized distributor or reseller who acquires licenses directly from Microsoft, and you have not registered for, follow the instructions to register.