Microsoft Partner Brief
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Microsoft Partner Brief

Microsoft Partner Network Brief

Den andre onsdagen i hver måned fra kl 09:00 – 10:00 arrangerer vi Microsoft Partner Network Brief ved hjelp av Microsoft Lync Online Meeting.

Vi tar opp aktuelle temaer for våre norske partnere, både når det gjelder produkter, løsninger, kampanjer og medlemsskapet i Microsoft Partner Network.
Det vil naturligvis også være anledning til å stille spørsmål.
Partner brief

Neste MPN partner brief er 9.desember kl. 09.00-10.00

Modernise your Data Platform with SQL 2014

In the decade since SQL Server 2005 launched, businesses technology needs have changed dramatically. Microsoft has responded with advancements in technology to meet and exceed the expectations of organizations large and small. Our current version, SQL Server 2014, delivers a high-performing, advanced data platform that keeps up with modern business needs. And what is the around the corner with SQL 2016 is even more exciting. Industry analysts have taken note of Microsoft’s investment in their data platform offering. In October, Gartner positioned Microsoft furthest right for vision and highest for ability to execute, within the Leaders Quadrant of their Magic Quadrant for Operational Database Management Systems.

In this webinar, you will learn how SQL Server 2014 tackles five of the top data challenges:

  • App and data performance
  • Data security
  • Decision support
  • Big data
  • The cloud

With extended support for SQL Server 2005 ending on April 12, 2016, we will pay attention to the benefits of upgrading your database technology and how you go about getting a migration plan in place. Finally, the webinar will conclude with a preview of some of the value built into SQL Server 2016.