Microsoft Partner Network Newsletter
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Microsoft Partner Network Newsletter

To get the partner version of the newsletter, you must associate your Windows Live ID with your company. If you have enrolled as a Microsoft partner and have associated your email address with your company's partner membership, then you are already receiving the partner edition of the newsletter.
Get the Partner Newsletter

Encourage your colleagues to associate their Windows Live IDs with your partner membership account, too, so they can get the latest news, downloads, resources and offers for themselves. And be sure to share Partner Network news with colleagues in your organisation, to help spread information and opportunities of interest across your company.

How to Associate Your Windows Live ID with an Organisation Already in the Partner Network

  1. Sign in using your Windows Live ID. (Don't have one? Create one now.)
  2. Click Associate to Another Organisation.
  3. Type your organisation's name and choose location, or type your organisation's domain address, or enter your organisation's Microsoft Partner Network ID.
  4. Click Find My Organisation.
  5. Click your organisation's name.
  6. Click Associate to This Organisation.
  7. Type your Windows Live ID and your name.
  8. Click Submit.