Microsoft LicenseWise for Volume Licensing
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Microsoft LicenseWise for Volume Licensing

Microsoft LicenseWise for Volume Licensing is an online, self-service resource that can help you recommend Microsoft products and solutions to your Microsoft Volume Licensing customers, optimize your sales process, and build new revenue opportunities. Start using LicenseWise today to quickly and seamlessly generate reliable customer quotes.

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LicenseWise supports the following Volume Licensing programs. (Program availability varies by region.)

  • Microsoft Open License, Microsoft Open License for Academic, Microsoft Open License for Charities, and Microsoft Open License for Government
  • Microsoft Open Value and Microsoft Open Value for Government
  • Microsoft Open Value Subscription and Microsoft Open Value Subscription for Government


This easy-to-navigate web application consolidates the resources and tools you need to streamline the licensing process. Benefits include: 

  • Simplified access. LicenseWise speeds delivery of comprehensive, up-to-date product and licensing information. And because you can include worldwide Volume Licensing customer offer SKUs in your LicenseWise quotes, you’re better able to provide the information your customers need to make purchasing decisions.
  • Optimized sales cycle. With LicenseWise, you can minimize the time spent conducting licensing research and preparing quotes, because LicenseWise applies logic to provide options that effectively address your customers’ needs. In addition, LicenseWise helps save time with support for Microsoft Core Client Access License (CAL) Suite and Microsoft Enterprise CAL (ECAL) Suite and the Server Modeling and Recommendation Tool for Microsoft Enterprise Agreement, which guides you through the options and helps optimize your customers’ core infrastructures with the right platform and product choice, based on the number of desktops you specify.
  • Growth opportunities. LicenseWise helps you develop a deeper understanding of your customer needs and helps improve process efficiency, so you can focus on building new revenue opportunities. Build and accelerate your EAP and ECI proposals by creating the quote in LicenseWise. In addition, you can download graph reports to view cash flow forecasts for a six-year term. Then you can use these graphs to compare the Microsoft Software Assurance for Volume Licensing spend versus non-Software Assurance spend for all Volume Licensing programs, enabling you to provide budgeting and value comparisons for your customers.
  • Integration. To help you generate quotes seamlessly, LicenseWise integrates with Microsoft License Advisor, a customer-facing licensing tool.
  • Financing. LicenseWise provides finance options from Microsoft Financing in 15 markets: Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Korea, Spain, Switzerland, the U.K., and the U.S.