Microsoft Dynamics ERP
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Microsoft Dynamics ERP

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Become a Microsoft Dynamics ERP expert and earn the following Microsoft Partner Network competency:

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What you need to know

From small businesses to enterprise organizations, Microsoft Dynamics ERP provides the tools to improve business focus, direction, and growth. These solutions allow companies to manage their entire organizations, including supply chain, procurement, human resources, financials, and projects. See below to find out more from Microsoft Dynamics customers, and learn more about the options here:

For small and midsize businesses
For large organizations
What do the city of London, a self-defense firm, a legendary racing team, and a berry growing operation have in common? They integrated Microsoft Dynamics ERP into their organizations and took their growth to a higher level. Watch their stories here:

The city of London
Lotus F1 racing
Driscoll’s berries

Generating revenue

Once you become a trusted Microsoft Dynamics Certified Software Advisor (CSA), you’ll be able to help with presale software assessments and recommendations for Microsoft Dynamics AX customers. Under Microsoft’s volume licensing program, CSAs collect a percentage of sales revenue for the Microsoft Dynamics software they sell. CSAs can also capitalize on cross-selling opportunities for Microsoft infrastructure products.

Learn about collecting CSA fees
Microsoft Dynamics CSAs also have the opportunity to pass leads to fellow Microsoft Dynamics partners, even if their expertise does not extend to selling solutions. The referral program will connect the lead with the appropriate CSA, based on their profiles.

If the opportunity results in a transaction, the lead-generating CSA will earn a referral fee of 5 percent of the amount Microsoft invoices. Also, if you’re not a partner and don’t plan on becoming one, you can still earn revenue referring a Microsoft Dynamics lead.

Learn more about the lead referral program


Before you can begin helping your clients with Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions, you’ll need to sign the Microsoft Solution Provider Agreement (SPA). This will grant you, as a reselling partner, the right to place orders with Microsoft Regional Operations Centers for Microsoft Dynamics ERP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM software licenses and related services.
Learn about SPA certification requirements
Placing orders is contingent upon meeting SPA authorization requirements, which include passing proficiency exams related to the software you want to order from Microsoft.

The Solution Provider Agreement (SPA) grants partners the right to place orders with Microsoft Regional Operations Centers for Microsoft Business Solutions ERP and CRM software licenses and related services.
View the Solution Provider Agreement
To maintain active-order status, you must have a current SPA contract. With activation, you can continue to place orders for Microsoft Dynamics financial, supply-chain, and customer relationship management (CRM) applications. To learn more, review the following:
SPA checklist

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