Business Intelligence competency benefits
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Business Intelligence competency benefits

When you earn the Microsoft Business Intelligence (BI) competency, you gain access to valuable benefits, such as:

  • Internal-use software licenses
  • Technical and sales training
  • Microsoft competency logo
  • Prioritized listings in customer directories
  • Solution incentives (gold competency)
  • Presales support

Benefits details

When you earn any Microsoft competency, you become eligible to receive a comprehensive set of benefits that address key stages of your business cycle. The following tables list the benefits you receive with the Business Intelligence competency.

Plan your business
Benefit Silver competency Gold competency
Get firsthand knowledge of features and capabilities with internal-use software licenses for the latest Microsoft software1 Up to 25 licenses for each product Up to 100 licenses for each product
Stay up to date with the latest news, business opportunities, training courses, and more, with partner newsletters Subscription Subscription
Find the most-qualified technical students for entry-level and internship positions, through the Students to Business program Access Access
Get help with recommending Microsoft Volume Licensing products and solutions with Microsoft LicenseWise for Volume Licensing Access Access
Use  the Partner Economic Model for Microsoft SQL Server to help you estimate profit and loss for new business opportunities Access Access

Enable your team
Benefit Silver competency Gold competency
Build technical and business skills with training at the Partner Learning Center and through BI partner learning paths Unlimited access Unlimited access
Developers: access tools, software, communities, and resources for developers and testers with the MSDN subscription1 5 Microsoft Visual Studio Premium with MSDN subscriptions 10 Visual Studio Premium with MSDN subscriptions
IT professionals: access tools, software, communities, and resources, with the TechNet Subscription for Microsoft Competency Partners1 3 licenses 3 licenses
Get exclusive savings on Windows Phone plans and devices through the Windows Phone Discount Program Eligible Eligible
Access the latest product news and technical and sales resources with the no-cost Windows Phone app Eligible Eligible

Create customer demand
Benefit Silver competency Gold competency
Make your company or solution profile accessible to tens of thousands of potential customers through the Microsoft Pinpoint online marketplace Competency designation and prioritized marketplace exposure Competency designation and premier marketplace exposure
Generate more viable leads through priority visibility on the Microsoft BI site Eligible

Benefit Silver competency Gold competency
Use Technical Presales Assistance for competitive assistance and for business-value and proof-of-concept guidance, for deals worth US$3,000 or more2 Unlimited access Unlimited access
Demonstrate your expertise with your customized competency logo Silver competency logo Gold competency logo
Boost sales with support from a designated Microsoft contact Eligible Assigned
Deepen relationships with your customers by becoming a provider of SQL Server Deployment Planning Services or SharePoint Deployment Planning Services Eligible Eligible
Leverage Microsoft Financing to offer tailored financing options that can help you close more sales Eligible Eligible
Become eligible to earn incentives for driving strategic technology areas with Microsoft Application Platform solution incentives3 Eligible

Get services and support
Benefit Silver competency Gold competency
Use partner advisory hours for Technical Enablement and advisory services from Microsoft consultants 20 partner advisory hours 50 partner advisory hours
Resolve technical issues quickly with product support from Microsoft experts4 Unlimited online support

Unlimited phone support (for critical issues)

5 incidents of phone support (for noncritical issues)
Unlimited online support

Unlimited phone support (for critical issues)

5 incidents of phone support (for noncritical issues)

Benefit Silver competency Gold competency
Get insight into customer satisfaction and loyalty with the Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Index survey solution Access Access

1Learn how to download your software through digital distribution.

2To qualify for the no-charge Technical Presales Assistance offering, you must provide the customer name and details of the project. The US$3,000 revenue minimum does not apply to deals made for cloud services or free software like Windows Internet Explorer. For smaller deals, you can also use your partner advisory hours to access this benefit.

3Partners must meet additional eligibility requirements for solution and licensing incentives, including enrollment in specific competencies.

4Unlimited online and phone support for critical issues and five incidents of phone support for noncritical issues. Critical issues are defined strictly as severe customer issues that immediately impede the operation of a customer’s business (such as when a server is down). Online response times vary between four hours and two days, depending on membership opportunity. Learn more.

Get expert guidance from Microsoft consultants for competitive assistance, business value, and proof-of-concept guidance. Competency benefits include unlimited Technical Presales Assistance for deals worth US$3,000 or more.