Microsoft Volume Activation
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Microsoft Volume Activation

Microsoft Volume Activation is a product activation technology that enables Microsoft Volume Licensing customers to automate the activation process in a way that is transparent to end users.

Demonstrate your value as a trusted resource. Volume Activation helps ensure your customers are legally licensed, protects their software investments, and enables more effective control and management of volume license keys for Microsoft Office and the Windows operating system.

When Volume Activation applies

Volume Activation is available for Microsoft Office 2010, Microsoft Project 2010, Microsoft Visio 2010 drawing and diagramming software, and the Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, and Windows Vista operating systems.

Volume Activation applies to systems that are covered under a Volume Licensing agreement, is used strictly as an activation tool, and is not tied to license invoicing or billing.


Offer enhanced volume license key protection:

  • Centralized management options and protection of volume license keys help protect your customers’ software license benefits.
  • Reduces the risk that the customer will have to rekey the entire organization.

Enable customer choice with flexible deployment options:

  • Flexible Volume Activation solutions are available as part of enterprise deployment for computers that are regularly connected to a corporate network and for those that are not.

Provide two Volume Activation methods:

  • Multiple Activation Key (MAK) activates systems one time, by using Microsoft-hosted activation services. The Volume Activation Management Tool (VAMT) helps streamline Volume Activation by using a MAK. The VAMT can perform MAK Proxy Activations and MAK Independent Activations. It can also perform activations on client computers that are disconnected from the Internet, with only a centrally located computer that hosts the tool and has access to the Internet or to Microsoft servers. The VAMT also displays the activation status of MAK-activated computers in the environment, the number of activations that have been used, and the number of activations that are remaining on the key.
  • Key Management Service (KMS) enables organizations to activate systems within their own networks.

Customers can use MAK, KMS, or both to activate systems in their environments. As part of your installation, it is important to plan and manage deployment of products that use Volume Activation.


Access documentation and videos to help you plan and manage deployment using Volume Activation: