Get licensing ready
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Get licensing ready

Get licensing ready and grow your business with expert sales teams. Find licensing training and readiness resources that can help you sell licenses for Microsoft products and solutions. And stay ahead of your competition by becoming a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) for designing and providing Microsoft Volume Licensing solutions.

Licensing certification

Sales executives, licensing specialists, and anyone who works directly with customers to guide them through the licensing process by offering presales or post-sales support are encouraged to obtain the MCP credential for licensing. Becoming an MCP helps you establish your organization as a preferred provider of Volume Licensing solutions, adds to your credentials, helps speed your sales cycle, and prepares you to answer customer questions about the licensing process. Held in conjunction with the Microsoft Volume Licensing competency, the MCP credential can help you separate your business from the competition and multiply your sales opportunities. Learn more about the benefits of becoming an MCP.

Register or sign in at the Get Licensing Ready website to prepare for licensing accreditation. The level-50 to level-300 Get Licensing Ready curriculum covers tracks for small and medium businesses (SMBs) and large organizations—and provides self-service online tutorials, data sheets, and assessments. You can take advantage of this tailored curriculum to build the foundational knowledge you need to pass Exam 70-671 and Exam 70-672. After you complete the Get Licensing Ready curriculum and the exam training, you can request an interactive workshop from your local trainers. Use the workshop to help you further prepare to pass the exams, which are available through Prometric test centers.

Access the Get Licensing Ready website

MCP exam training
Licensing for SMBs​ Licensing for large organizations​

Preparation for Exam 70-671: Designing and Providing Microsoft Volume Licensing Solutions to Small and Medium Organizations (refreshed June 2012):

Preparation for Exam 70-672: Designing and Providing Microsoft Volume Licensing Solutions to Large Organizations (refreshed June 2012):

The MCP exams have been updated as of June 2012. You can use the Get Licensing Ready foundational journey and the MCP preparation materials in the preceding table to prepare for exams 70-671 and 70-672. These resources cover what you should know about the exams, product licensing, and Microsoft Volume Licensing programs, and include information to help you test your knowledge with multiple-choice questions and details about how to become certified.

After you have passed Exam 70-671 or 70-672, take the next steps to attain the Volume Licensing competency by entering your MCP ID number into your Partner Membership Center individual profile and checking the box to allow your MCP ID number to be associated to your organization. Contact your Regional Service Center for assistance. Learn more about the requirements to attain the Volume Licensing competency.

Attaining the Volume Licensing competency can help establish your organization as a Microsoft-recognized expert in designing or implementing complex Volume Licensing solutions. For your organization to attain the Volume Licensing competency, two or more of your staff must pass at least one exam for designing and providing Volume Licensing solutions.

Licensing assessment​
​Get ready for the licensing assessment competency requirement

T-36 readiness resources and assessment​
Additional Gold Volume Licensing competency requirement, effective October 1, 2011

As of October 1, 2011, an additional requirement must be fulfilled to attain the Gold Volume Licensing competency to ensure structured customer engagements throughout the life of the three-year Microsoft Enterprise Agreement. Along with meeting Gold Volume Licensing competency exam requirements, your organization must employ or contract with two unique MCPs who have each passed the following assessments (currently available in Chinese [simplified], English, French, German, Japanese, and Portuguese [Brazil]):

Volume Licensing tools​
For customer-facing roles​

Access additional information and training resources for Volume Licensing tools, including Microsoft LicenseWise for Volume Licensing, Microsoft eAgreements, and the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC):