Microsoft eAgreements
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Microsoft eAgreements

Microsoft eAgreements is an online tool that automates the electronic creation, assembly, signature, and activation of Volume Licensing agreements. Microsoft eAgreements helps you reduce data-input errors and agreement cycle times so you have more time to spend on other sales activities.

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You can use eAgreements to create and manage the following Volume Licensing agreements:

  • Microsoft Enterprise Agreement
  • Microsoft Enterprise Subscription Agreement
  • Microsoft Open Value
  • Microsoft Open Value Subscription
  • Microsoft Open Value Subscription for Education Solutions
  • Microsoft Select Plus

Or if you are a Microsoft value-added reseller (VAR), you can provide customer details to have a Microsoft authorized distributor (disti) create the license agreement for you.


A variety of features in eAgreements helps simplify the setup of Volume Licensing agreements. You can access the tool through a simple user interface with easy-to-understand instructions.

  • Online agreement assembly. Create, edit, and present license agreement documents for electronic or physical signature.
  • Intuitive user interface. Get a consistent sign-in experience and logical workflow that help reduce the complexity of the overall agreement process across applicable channel models.
  • Robust contact management. Manage associations between organizations and prepopulate customer and partner information through selection instead of reentry.
  • Agreement renewals. Use agreement search, program rule validation, and data prepopulation features to more easily identify opportunities to offer extensions and renewals.
  • Quotes and concession management. Attach quotes and concession materials to the agreement package to facilitate the negotiation process with your customer.
  • Agreement status and tracking. Maintain up-to-date status on agreements with automatic synchronization between eAgreements and back-end Microsoft systems.
  • User administration functionality. Use partner self-administration features to assign permissions for creating and submitting agreements to meet your organizational roles and responsibilities.
  • Search functionality. Easily search and retrieve the status of current agreements without having to reenter agreement details.
  • Localized content. Select and configure your user interface from a list of more than 30 languages, and generate contracts in all currently supported languages.

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Microsoft eAgreements operates with a one-click download installation process. If you are launching eAgreements for the first time on your computer, eAgreements will automatically scan your system for installation requirements and then download the appropriate files, along with the smart client.