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What’s new

Read the latest updates from Microsoft Volume Licensing.

Register for Windows Intune and Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 LAR licensing webcasts

Interact and engage with Microsoft Volume Licensing subject matter experts as they discuss core licensing topics (L100-L200) during these one-hour, live webcasts. You’ll learn about product benefits, features, pricing, and licensing changes for the latest releases. Download these invitations to register for the Windows Intune LAR licensing readiness webcast series (with sessions occurring during the last week of November and the second week of December, depending on geography) and the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 LAR licensing readiness webcast series (with sessions occurring during the last week of November). The Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 session uses a new format that enables you to see, hear, and interact with Microsoft experts for improved learning.

New Windows 8 LAR licensing resource kit

With the many new and improved features of the Windows 8 Enterprise operating system, including a sleek new interface design and Start screen, there are compelling reasons for your customers to upgrade. Use this comprehensive set of licensing resources, which have been requested by large account resellers (LARs), to help you talk with customers about how to license Windows 8, and to help your customers find the best licensing options to suit their business needs. 

Windows 8 LAR licensing resource kit

Windows 8 is now available for purchase through Volume Licensing

On August 16, 2012, the Windows 8 Enterprise operating system became available for Volume Licensing customers with Software Assurance (SA) to download, and on September 1, 2012, the upgrade to Windows 8 Pro was made available through Volume Licensing.

The following list contains Volume Licensing resources for partners. (These resources are in addition to those that are available on the Windows 8 page.) Stay tuned for more content as it becomes available. New large account reseller (LAR) resources will be coming soon.


New Windows Server 2012 LAR licensing resource kit

The Windows Server 2012 licensing resource kit is a comprehensive set of licensing resources requested by large account resellers (LARs) to support you in customer conversations about how to buy Windows Server 2012. Accelerate your business and stay ahead of the competition, by using this LAR licensing resource kit to help you and your customers find the best Windows Server licensing options to suit their business needs.

Windows Server 2012 LAR resource kit

Visual Studio 2012 pricing and licensing information

The Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 development system was released on August 15, 2012, to MSDN subscribers through MSDN Subscriber Downloads, the Volume Licensing Service Center, and as trial or free version software. On September 1, it was made available for purchase through Microsoft Volume Licensing. Find information about price changes and low-volume offerings that are being retired or transitioned.

View Visual Studio 2012 offering, pricing, and licensing changes

Earn Certified Software Advisor fees for Microsoft Dynamics AX

As of September 2012, partners can choose to qualify for the Microsoft Dynamics AX for Enterprise Agreements certification as a Certified Software Advisor (CSA). Previously this designation was available only for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

The Microsoft Dynamics Certified Software Advisor initiative helps you increase your revenue by offering the ability to collect a percentage of sales revenue in fees. Qualified partners can earn fees of up to 25 percent for Microsoft Dynamics AX for Microsoft Volume Licensing orders.

Learn more about exam and revenue requirements

New SQL Server 2012 pricing and licensing guide and training presentations, and updated FAQ

Help your customers take advantage of innovative data, cloud-computing, and mission-critical features available in Microsoft SQL Server 2012 software. With SQL Server 2012, Microsoft large account resellers (LARs) can:

  • Drive Microsoft Enrollment for Application Platform (EAP) revenue by offering customers the best transition to SQL Server 2012.
  • Increase deal size through selling high-end, tier-one applications.
  • Create up-sell and cross-sell opportunities by offering private cloud solutions with cloud-ready databases.
  • Get higher volume by adding business-critical capabilities to modernize legacy platforms.
  • Expand yield by selling innovative business intelligence (BI) solutions.

To learn about SQL Server 2012 pricing and licensing, use the following training and readiness resources:

Microsoft Office 365 Open Value offer extended

The Microsoft Office 365 Open Value offer has been extended through August 2013. This offer enables current Microsoft Open Value company-wide and Microsoft Open Value Subscription (commercial only) customers to license Office 365 at an adjusted price, based on their Software Assurance investments. Download the Office 365 Open Value offer presentation and Office 365 Open Value offer FAQ to learn more.

New EAP training presentations and updated FAQ

EAP is a flexible, cost-effective way for large organizations to standardize on the Microsoft Application Platform. Use these resources to get an introduction and overview to the EAP program and its requirements, and learn about the evolving Microsoft Enterprise Agreement, pricing and SKUs, scenarios including true-up pricing and migration paths, EAP-specific Microsoft Software Assurance for Volume Licensing benefits, and changes to contracts and paperwork for SQL Server 2012.

New ECI training presentations and updated FAQ

Learn more about the benefits of Microsoft Enrollment for Core Infrastructure (ECI) and how acquiring Core Infrastructure Suite licenses can offer significant savings over acquiring Windows Server operating system, Microsoft System Center 2012, and Microsoft Forefront Endpoint Protection licenses separately:

New training resources for Enterprise Agreement and Online Services

Download the following resources to learn about Microsoft Online Services in Microsoft Enterprise Agreement 2011:

New Select Plus training and sales resources

Microsoft Select Plus is a flexible licensing solution, recommended for organizations with 250 or more desktop PCs, that offers a cost-effective way to make transactional license acquisitions. Use the following updated resources to learn more about Select Plus and to engage your customers to take advantage of Select Plus and the benefits it offers.

New Microsoft Payment Solutions training: helping you sell more, more often

Microsoft Payment Solutions helps you to increase your sales, build your customer base, and improve your margins, while helping your customers acquire the latest Microsoft technologies and enabling them to preserve their cash and credit lines. Take the new, on-demand Microsoft Financing Essentials online tutorial to learn how easy it is to offer IT payment solutions, help boost your payment solutions knowledge, and increase results.

New Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Standard promotion

Through December 31, 2012, use the Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Standard promotion to capitalize on the popularity of Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Standard and drive incremental revenue with your small- and medium-business (SMB) customers, by offering savings on Exchange Server 2010 Standard server licenses and license and Software Assurance packs (L&SA).

Training and readiness

Read the latest updates about licensing training and readiness

Licensing programs and product licensing

Read the latest updates about Volume Licensing programs, product licensing, and Microsoft Software Assurance for Volume Licensing.

Visual Studio product announcements and licensing changes

Download the Microsoft Visual Studio announcement to learn about April 2012 updates that affect the Microsoft Visual Studio development system and the EAP. Microsoft Visual Studio 11 Beta, the code name for the next version of Microsoft Visual Studio, was released on February 29, 2012. As of April 2012, Microsoft Visual Studio Team Explorer Everywhere 2010 has been removed from Microsoft Volume Licensing price lists and can be downloaded at no charge, lowering the price of Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Professional as a full-packaged product (FPP) and providing no-cost access to Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server in some scenarios. Additionally, as of April 1, 2012, Visual Studio Team Foundation Server and Microsoft Visual Studio Load Test virtual user packs have been removed from the EAP. Note that a client access license (CAL) is still required to connect to Visual Studio Team Foundation Server.

Microsoft System Center 2012 licensing

Microsoft Private Cloud, based on Microsoft System Center and Windows Server technologies, can help your organization increase revenue and compete more effectively in today’s marketplace. Learn more about the advantages of Microsoft Private Cloud. Use the following resources to understand Microsoft System Center 2012 licensing and to prepare for conversations with your customers:

Volume Licensing brief: Multiplexing—CAL Requirements

Download the Multiplexing—CAL Requirements brief to learn how multiplexing affects the licensing of server operating systems and server products licensed under the server/CAL model.

CAL Suites tipping point calculator

Use the CAL Suites tipping point calculator to compare the costs of procuring CAL Suite technology components individually or through a Microsoft CAL Suite. The calculator compares Microsoft Core CAL Suite and Microsoft Enterprise CAL (ECAL) Suite step-up calculations and incorporates the August 2011 update. Prices in the tool are illustrative, and you should enter your own pricing to use the tool accurately. You can learn more by downloading the following resources:

Enterprise Agreement and Office 365 LAR resource kit

The Enterprise Agreement and Microsoft Office 365 LAR resource kit provides a comprehensive set of the most requested Enterprise Agreement and Office 365 licensing and product resources for LAR-sales, licensing-specialist, and solution-specialist roles. The kit covers licensing topics that include:

  • Enterprise Agreement 2011 (July changes)
  • SKUs and pricing
  • Transitions and CALs
  • License reservation

Payment options

Read the latest updates about licensing pricing, Microsoft Payment Solutions, and promotions.

New Microsoft Payment Solutions video

Watch the video from Microsoft Payment Solutions to learn how to help customers combine their hardware, software, and services acquisitions, acquire new technology solutions when they need them, and more.

Microsoft Payment Solutions case study and feature story

Review the Microsoft Payment Solutions case study to learn how a global services firm benefited from flexible payments. You can also visit the Microsoft Payment Solutions page to learn more about the options it can provide to you and your customers.

Tools and resources

Read the latest updates about licensing tools and resources.

May 2012 LicenseWise update

As of May 2012, Microsoft LicenseWise for Volume Licensing is ready for SQL Server 2012—enabling you to optimize your solutions, drive new revenue, and expand your opportunities. Start using LicenseWise today to quickly and seamlessly generate reliable customer quotes. And to learn about products, programs, and pricing, and to help you recommend Volume Licensing solutions to your customers.

Operational resources for VARs

Find operational resources for value-added resellers (VARs) to help you manage the transactional cycle for Volume Licensing. These materials also offer visibility into upcoming changes in transactional processes, licensing terms, and subscription programs that can have an impact on your business.

Partner videos and case studies

Learn from LARs about the value of Microsoft Volume Licensing tools and programs such as Enterprise Agreement, Select Plus, and Microsoft Payment Solutions.

Updated resources

The following licensing resources have been updated: