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Got questions about downloading your software benefits? We’ve got answers.

Use this FAQ to find answers to your questions about downloading your Microsoft software benefits, including how the digital distribution program works, physical media choices, and important policies.

FAQ sections



What are the benefits of digital distribution? Digital distribution enables Microsoft to provide an improved experience through:
  • Flexible access. Software benefits are available 24×7.
  • Quicker access. Download updates the moment they’re made available—no need to wait for a quarterly shipment of software.
  • Better tracking. View benefits through a license statement.
  • Improved software benefits management. Add or remove users and manage their access to downloads, keys, and a license statement.
  • Reduced carbon footprint. Help reduce negative environmental impact by decreasing the amount of waste from manufacturing, shipping, and disposing of disc kits.
How do I access digital media?
You can sign in to access digital media after your Microsoft Partner Network administrator has set up access and assigned access privileges to you.
How can my company order physical media? 
All partners have the option to elect to receive physical media through the Partner Membership Center at the time of program enrollment, renewal, or anytime during the current program year.  If you elect to receive physical media during the program year, the fee will be prorated based on the remainder of your current program enrollment.
Additional fees may apply if your organization elects to receive physical media1. Physical media pricing is based on the technical viability of a digital-only option for a specific country or region.
Note that all Microsoft programs are moving toward offering fewer on-premises products through physical media. Partners electing to receive physical media will not receive all products offered for internal use in that format. The Microsoft Partner Network will continue to offer core products such as the Windows and Windows Server operating systems, Microsoft SQL Server, and Microsoft Office client applications on physical media. However, on-premises products such as Microsoft System Center, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and Office server products may not be offered on physical media. On-premises product availability on physical media may change without notice, and refunds will not be issued after payment for physical media has been processed. All software offered through physical media may be downloaded from the partner digital distribution portal, MSDN, or TechNet with no additional fees.

Accessing software by download

Can individuals at all of my company locations have access to software benefits by download?
Only individuals who have been granted software download access in the Partner Membership Center have digital access to software benefits.
Can I receive all of my software benefits by download?
You can have access to all of your software benefits by download, including marketing and sales resources. Note that software benefits for MSDN and TechNet subscriptions are accessed through the MSDN and TechNet portals.
What do I need to do as an administrator to ensure that individuals in my organization can download software, access license keys, and view the software license statement?
You can go to the Partner Membership Center to manage user access privileges and review your software benefits through the license statement.

Receiving software through physical media

Do I still have access to my software benefits by download, if I am receiving physical media?
You can always access your software benefits by download.
Are there any software benefits that are available only through download?
Your software keys and license statement can be accessed by download only, even when you’re receiving physical media. Also, some software updates are available through download only.

Policy and support

Can I download software more than once?
Yes. Partners can download software multiple times. However, the Microsoft Partner Network tool for downloading software is not intended to replace internal distribution mechanisms for partners. Microsoft encourages partners to download once and distribute internally. Partners who abuse this policy will have their download privileges restricted.
Can I receive a refund after I have paid for my membership or Action Pack subscription?
You won’t be eligible for a refund after you’ve accessed the download site.
Whom can I contact if I have questions or need support?
If you have additional questions or need assistance, contact your Regional Service Center. Be prepared to provide your partner information, including your subscription ID, name, address, phone number, and email address.
1 If you elect to receive physical media, you’ll continue to have digital access to software. Additional fees may apply for physical media—visit your local partner portal for details.

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